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House Company at Your Service

Are you need help with selling your home? Do you want that your home is shown at its best to potential buyers? At House Company we always a professional photographer and an experienced marketing team at your disposal. We know how to bring forward the right features of your home and in this way we secure the best possible price for it.

Before starting the sales process we look, together with you, how we can get your home to appear at its best. If your home needs some styling before we start, we also have an experienced stylist in our partner network. And if your home needs some bigger repairs, we evaluate together if it is worth while to do the repairs already before we start selling.

For apartments our commission is 2,48% out of the  free of debt sale price + 258€ documentation fee, incl. 24% vat. For other properties we always make you a tailored offer. However, please note that our minimum commission is 3800€ + 258€ documentation fee, incl. 24%. The price includes photographing of your home buy professional photogrpaher. We would be delighted to visit your home and provide you a formal offer together with an estimate of the sale price.

Selling or buying a home is one of the biggest decisions in your life. Both big money and big emotions are involved. We would welcome the opportunity to accompany you at this time with strong professionalism and uncompromising quality.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Susanne Ranne, partner, LKV, LVV, MSc (Econ)
050-538 6769

Heidi Holmroos, LKV, LVV, Ph. D
050-560 7011